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Thanal Ayurveda Home

The no: 1 Ayurveda Spa Massage in Varkala

Located in Kerala, India, the sunny beach at Thanal Ayurveda Home, Varkala is of course the best place to get some peace and quiet, enjoy the scenery, feel the sea breeze, take a long walk, get a good tan, make sand castles and in general, be happy. But Thanal Ayurveda offers much more than merriment.

Through Ayurveda, Thanal provides means to shed all worries, anxieties and illnesses. A holistic experience is what Thanal aims for with its range of Ayurveda treatments and therapies in varkala. And the expert hands at the resort make sure of it in every minute detail. Thanal Ayurveda varkala is also famous for panchakarma and ayurveda spa massage in Varkala.

From the moment you arrive at Thanal Ayurveda Home, you will be immersed in a dazzling world of imagination and pleasure. Thanal Ayurveda Home offers relaxation and rejuvenation for couples and families alike.

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Thanal Ayurveda Programmes

Ayurveda & Yoga are ancient systems of belief which have gained global prominence among many as a mainstream lifestyle choice. Thanal Ayurveda espouses this belief to the fullest and offers a range of treatments to its guests. Thanal offers its guests holistic Ayurveda treatment including Ayurveda panchakarma in Varkala, combining practices of Ayurveda as Thanal Signature Ayurveda Programmes

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